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Baccarat is a game in which you can place your bets on Banker, Player or Tie. Itís a well known fact that Banker wins a bit more often and is therefore a better bet, and indeed a bet on Banker has a lower house edge, 1.06%, compared to 1.24% for betting on Player. We could say that these two bets have roughly the same house edge and both will pay almost 99%, as the difference between the two is minimal and would be obvious only with an incredibly large number of bets placed.

However, it must be noted that a bet on Tie, while it has tempting odds, has a house edge of 14.36%. Itís a bet you must never place. Odds and rules of baccarat tables differ so itís important to check them before placing your bets, and the house edges listed apply for standard payouts of 1:1 for Player and 0.95:1 for Banker bets.

Baccarat does pay less than the best slot machine (Mega Joker, 99.00%), but weíre ranking it above slots because only two out of thousands of slots are better than baccarat.

Baccarat is the simplest game that can pay almost 99%, as blackjack is complex, video poker strategy must be learned and perfected, craps is a particularly complex game, and pai gow poker is insanely complex. For those people who just want to flip a coin and get almost a fair payout, baccarat is the game.

#4 Pickíem Poker
(up to 98.95%)

Pickíem Poker is a simplified version of video poker in which you have to pick one of two choices. Youíre given two cards, and then two separate additional cards are dealt, and you must choose which of these two cards will you add to the two cards you already have. Two more cards are then dealt. Of course, thereís an optimal strategy for this.

In theory itís possible to find machines that pay almost 99.99%, although the best you can find online is the Playtech version of this game that pays 98.95%. As is usual with video poker, you need to carefully check the paytable and calculate the payout to make sure youíre playing on a machine that pays well. Otherwise you might be playing Pickíem Poker with a payout less than 97%, sometimes even less than 96%. Deuces Wild and Double Bonus versions of the game arenít good, they pay slightly less than 98%, which is not ideal.

#3 Blackjack
(up to 99.72% payout)

Blackjack can be considered a fair game, as the player may reduce the house edge to as little as 0.50% or even less than that by using the correct mathematical strategy.

There are almost 7000 different possible combinations of rules, depending on number of decks used, whether dealer hits or stands on soft 17, whether player can double after a split, and, of course, does blackjack pay 3:2 or 6:5. Some rule combinations even allow the player to have the edge, but these only exist in theory. In practice, itís important to check for certain rules that may give the casino an unfair advantage, but in general you can expect to have an almost fair game with only a negligible house edge. Just bear in mind that there are a lot of players who know this and think blackjack can be beaten, yet casinos are still in business.

#2 Craps
(up to 100.00% payout)

Technically, the Pass bet, which is the fundamental bet in craps, has a house edge of 0.42% to 1.41%, making it a very tempting and almost fair bet,

Donít Pass has an even lower house edge of 0.40% to 1.40%, and The Odds is a side bet thatís made after a point is thrown, and it has exactly 0.00% house edge, making it a totally fair bet. Itís not possible for a player to have an edge over the house while playing craps, but itís possible to have a fair game and to enjoy your gambling for a long time without losing any money at all. Craps is perhaps a challenging game to learn, but an experienced sharp players may navigate these bets with ease and play a casino game with almost no house edge.

#1 Video Poker
(up to 100.71% payout)

The one game in which the player can have the edge is video poker, but there are many video poker variants and the payouts differ greatly, so itís crucial to choose the right version of the game and then do your own calculation of the theoretical payout, according to the paytable youíre presented with.

Jacks or Better poker can pay up to 99.54%, Bonus Poker can return 99.17%, and Deuces Wild can yield 100.71% with the simple strategy on the full-pay version of the game, and this is the best possible video poker version to play.

However, itís difficult to find, almost impossible, and most players will have to be satisfied with a Jacks or Better video poker that does have a small house edge, less than 1%. Many players are actively looking for that video poker game that pays better than 100% but few manage to find it, and the rest have to be satisfied with a game thatís almost fair.

Itís crucial to inform yourself about different versions of video poker and to check the paytable before starting to play, and you also must use appropriate strategy.

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Unitymedia 3play

  • DSL Anschluss
    6.000 kbit/s schnell
    Surfen ohne Zeit- und Volumenbegrenzung
  • Telefon-FLAT
    Telefon-Flatrate für Gespräche ins gesamte dt. Festnetz
    Kein Telefon-Anschluss der T-Com nötig
  • Digital TV BASIC
    Ihr Einstieg in die digitale Unterhaltungswelt
ab 25€/Monat

Alice DSL

  • Alice DSL Light Anschluss
    DSL-Internetzugang mit bis zu 16.000 kbit/s
  • Alice DSL Flatrate
    Surfen mit einer Flatrate
    (ohne Zeit- und Datenlimit)
  • Telefon von Alice
    Kein weiterer Telefon-Anschluss mehr nötig (wie z.B. T-Com)
ab 24,90 €/Monat

Kabel Deutschland

  • Kabel Internet
    DSL Anschluss über Kabel 512 bis zu 26.000 kbit/s schnell
  • Kabel DSL Flatrate
    Ungestört surfen - rund um die Uhr!
  • Kabel Telefon
    über das Kabel telefonieren (ohne T-Com Anschluss)
    Paketabhängig mit kostenloser Flatrate
bereits ab 19,90€

Tele2 Komplett

  • DSL-Anschluss
    Geschwindigkeiten 2.000 oder 16.000 kbit/s!
  • Internet-FLAT
    Ohne Limit surfen, solange Sie wollen
    - rund um die Uhr!
  • Telefon von Tele2
    Kein weiterer Telefon-Anschluss mehr nötig (wie z.B. T-Com)
  • Telefon-FLAT
    Ohne Limit kostenlos ins gesamte deutsche Festnetz telefonieren!
ab 29,95€/Monat